Today was my first day at the Recurse Center as a participant in this year’s Summer 2 batch!

Most of the day was spent meeting a lot of really amazing people! I love the mix of shared and diverse interests and backgrounds we have in our batch!

Besides meeting people, I also started to get more familiar with the communication tools we’re using - namely Zulip and a shared virtual space called “Virtual RC” that reminds me a little of

In the afternoon, I spent a bit of time pairing and walking through some of the Media over QUIC code that I’ve been working on in Rust. I pulled in some updates from another contributor and swapped out my test video - replacing Big Buck Bunny with a short teaser trailer for Tears of Steel (my preferred Blender Foundation test video). The crude feature implementation I’m working on wasn’t 100% functional yet, but it was certainly easier to see what parts of it did work with that shorter test video.

I have an ambitious goal to write at least a short blog post every day of RC.

Last night, I started looking into converting this site from Jekyll to Zola and migrating to GitHub Pages so I don’t have to keep maintaining the host that serves this site. I may work more on that tomorrow. For now, I’ve dusted off my Ruby dependency-management skills enough to get Jekyll running again so I can make this first post.

See you tomorrow!