Today was my second day at the Recurse Center as a participant in this year’s Summer 2 batch!

Much of the day was again spent meeting and getting to know really amazing people!

I suspect that most of these first couple weeks will be largely focused on getting to know my batchmates and finding people who might be interested in collaborating on projects.

Today we had a pairing workshop and I worked with two other Recursers on a text based implementation of the Mastermind board game in Rust.

It was a lot of fun, and I hope to spend more time working with these people again soon!

I also worked more on the Rust-based Media over QUIC demo. I have looping for file-based fake media sources partially working, but for some reason I’m still accidentally closing connections at the end of the file. Regretfully, I had to temporarily switch my test video back to Big Buck Bunny again because something about the ToS teaser trailer was causing choppy playback.

Working on that feature has been a good refresher for how ISOBMFF files and particularly how CMAF-formatted fragmented MP4s are structured. I might write up a post later with some of the resources that have helped me understand how all the atoms in these files fit together, but I’d like to finish wrapping my head around some details first.

Soon I plan to look into integrating with ffmpeg / avformat to build a proper MoQ publisher that can push a stream up to a relay for broadcast. I’m really excited to learn more about those APIs and see how well they fit together with software written in Rust! I’ve worked with ffmpeg as a CLI tool a fair amount, but haven’t yet personally integrated software with the underlying libraries. This will be a good chance to gain a lot more depth with some software that’s at the core of many video workflows across the Internet today.

This blog remains Jekyll for now.