Today was my third day at the Recurse Center as a participant in this year’s Summer 2 batch!

I spent almost the whole day on various Zoom meetings. It was kind of exhausting, but all of them were good! I didn’t get to write much code, but I did get to know people better and learned a bunch of interesting new things.

Here are some things I learned about today:

  • What many of my batchmates are working on currently
  • Where some other remote Recursers are working from
  • How to start playing around with audio generation in Pure Data
  • How different kinds of 3D models can be loaded with three.js
  • How many different ways SVGs can be nested inside SVGs
  • One way of writing a simple assembler in Ruby

I forgot to mention yesterday that I also attended a group discussion of Command Line Interface (CLI) applications and CLI design and found out about the “Command Line Interface Guidelines” - something that didn’t exist years ago when I was actively researching and asking about the state of the art in this area. I’m really excited to dig in and learn more!

Based on the advice of several alums, I think I’m going to let go of trying to make too much progress on my main projects for these first couple weeks and just focus on getting to know other Recursers and what they’re interested in.

This is time well spent.