Today was my fourth day at the Recurse Center as a participant in this year’s Summer 2 batch!

After writing yesterday about how I wasn’t worrying about progress on my main project for this week, I ended up poking through ffmpeg source and docs and starting to look into how to create a new output protocol. I learned a lot, but probably stayed up a bit too late.

So I was a little tired today and had a slower than usual start. I took care of some mundane non-code tasks this morning.

This afternoon I had a really great coffee chat with a batchmate looking to build on her front end experience and learn more about approaches to backend development.

After that I attended a Rust study group meeting that ended up turning into a surprisingly productive pairing session! Working with one of my batchmates, we were able to create a small Rust library that both imported some types from C libraries and exposed its own functions in a shared library that could be consumed by software written in C.

I haven’t finished the glue code needed to test that this works on the consuming side, but in theory this tiny stub of a library should be able to support a new no-op ffmpeg / libavformat output protocol. I plan to build on this and prove out the ingegration bits and then see if I can make it work with an actual Media over QUIC (MoQ) library.

Later, I also had a good conversation with an OBS dev about how to best structure a plugin to add support for MoQ output to OBS.

Feeling really good about how things are going so far.