Today was Wednesday of my second week at the Recurse Center as a participant in this year’s Summer 2 batch! Yesterday was a US Holiday so I took the day off to spend time with family. This has completely thrown me for a loop on how to number these blog posts. I’m open to suggestions. Please message me with ideas on Zulip, or Hachyderm, Bluesky, Discord, or wherever else you can find me (even if it’s Twitter).

Most of today was spent pairing and getting to know other people. I played with sine waves and differently shaped waves in Pure Data. I paired with Erika for a while on a project involving the generation of shell completion configurations. I also had some good coffee chats and shared a bit of what I’ve learned about how work gets done within the IETF.

I also got some good feedback on Monday’s post from other Rustaceans and learned something interesting about shared libraries that I hope to write up soon.