Today was Friday of my second week at the Recurse Center as a participant in this year’s Summer 2 batch! I’m trying a new numbering scheme, but haven’t committed to it yet. Please message me with more ideas on Zulip, or Hachyderm, Bluesky, Discord, or wherever else you can find me (even if it’s Twitter).

Today I spent a lot of time doing solo work. I did some troubleshooting of the test videos I’m using for testing our Media over QUIC (MoQ) demo. I still haven’t determined exactly what issue is causing stuttering with my Tears of Steel clip, but not with Big Buck Bunny, but I did use mp4box.js to make note of a number of difference between the two files. Once I determine what the primary issue is, I plan to write this process up in more detail.

After work on that for a while, I wanted to get some time in writing code so I dusted off an old project idea I had and put my new nom parsing experience to use. I’m starting on a Rust crate to parse Amateur Radio ADIF data. This is how information like completed contacts, contest logs, and reception reports are often stored. This is the same format used by the ARRL’s Logbook of the World (LoTW) as well as I think such a library might be especialy useful for pulling data from various sources together into a database for later analysis of observed radio propagation conditions.

I also did a bit more testing of recent MoQ changes. Looking forward to digging into this more next week.